Look for something fun to do with your kids on a school snow day? Here are a few activities that will get them motivated.

1. Observe a snow crystal

Snow is one of the easiest ways to learn about crystal structures. Give your children a piece of black construction paper and send them outside to collect a few snowflakes. Use a magnifying glass to compare snowflakes and count the crystal points. If you have a glass slide, you can even preserve the snowflake. Prepare by cooling the slide and a tube of super glue by placing them outside. Then use an artist’s paintbrush to carefully transfer a snowflake onto the glass slide and place a drop of super glue over the snowflake. Put the slide into the freezer until the glue hardens.

2. Build a living room campsite

Creating a campsite in the living room is the perfect way to surprise your children during a snow day! Put on some pajamas, get out those sleeping bags, sit around telling stories and make sure to turn out the lights! If you don't have a tent, get creative and build a fort using blankets, couch cushions and pillows. Stock up on marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in the pantry for snow day s'mores. Just make sure to hide them!

3. Dust off your favorite board games

Remember growing up without electronics? Board games were always a family tradition during snow days, and they are a great way to stimulate the mind. Just make sure to dust them off first!

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